Self reliance is a fundamental principle of mountaineering. By participating we accept this and take responsibility for the decisions we make. These Conditions Reports are intended to help you make good decisions. They do not remove the need for you to make your own judgements when out in the hills.

Monday, 6 January 2014

While Andreas and I did lots of coaching in The Ice Factor, Donald and Mustafa went up Ledge Route on Ben Nevis. Mustafa has been up the Seven Summits and is keen to enjoy some Scottish climbing. Today the weather was not as bad as forecast - the wind was not so strong, it rained but not all the time and the clouds were higher than expected so there were some views to look at.

It is warmer though with rain below 1100m. This triggered some more avalanches, one down Number Five Gully which Donald and Mustafa watched and one down the gully north of the Red Burn of which they saw the debris. Hopefully this slight thaw will penetrate the deep weak layers in the snow and stabilise it all when it cools down again. It could also make some very nice climbing.

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